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The Offer Base of Professional Flotation Machine

Sep 14 2015

Professional flotation machine is the necessary equipment of most beneficiation process, which has the characteristics of great material handling, high sorting precision and low running cost, is a good helper of beneficiation enterprises. And the most concern of beneficiation enterprises is flotation machine’s offer, but generally what’s the base of flotation machine’s offer? The following is a brief description from three aspects of its own development.

1. Production costs

Production costs includes the wages of production workers the purchase price of components and intangible technology capital, and they are all the important part of commodity prices. They are a positive correlation relation, if the costs increasing, the offer increasing; on the contrary, the offer decreasing.

2. Flotation Machine’s Model

Different type has different price even if they are the same flotation machine manufacturer. Flotation machine can generally be divided into mechanical flotation machine and inflatable flotation machine, the price is different because the differences of type and production process.

3. Flotation machine’s parameters

Under the premise of the same type of device, the user mostly concerns about the product parameters, and this is another production costs reflect of flotation machine and has a direct impact on commodity pricing. Users need to a correct perception in the selection.

In addition, there are still many factors that influencing flotation machine’s offer, such as "branding", "psychological effect", which will be explained in a future article. Remind customers is the best flotation machine is the one most suitable offer.

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