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Which Ball Mill Machine is Better?

Sep 14 2015
 Ball mill Machine is one of the high-fine grinding machine widely used in industrial production, and has kinds of type and model. But how to judge the quality of ball mill? This article sums up total three points as follows:

1.High yield --600 t/h

For any kind of grinding machinery, its production is always the most concerned topic, and the overall performance level can be reflected by production capacity. According to statistics, a ball mill can reach 600 tons per hour is the most user-friendly. Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer of large-scale ball mill machine, all kinds of types and models to your needs, its output can reach 600 tons per hour, welcome to consult!

2. High operation - continuous rotate 22 hours

The quality of the ball mill machine can be reflected out through the operating cycle, there are two problems of low cycle: first, fewer application of advanced technologies, such as no security system, ultra-long operation can cause failure; the second is the class ball mill machine is already aging, can not effectively using. It is recommended not to use, hazard ratio greatly increased and the product quality is not high.

3. High application - about 200 kinds of abrasive materials

Some ball mill machine just for grinding a material, but for different variety and material can not grind. If you choose a ball mill machine process can only handle one or several materials, then it is extremely inconvenient to use, and you need to replace the internal parts to grind other materials. Therefore, the proposal is to select the ball mill machine with wide process ability.

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