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Considerations When Purchasing Sludge Drying Machine?

Sep 14 2015

In recent years, the usage and sale of sludge drying machine leads in mineral processing industry, at the same time, attracts a large number manufacturers of varying quality. Therefore, do more consideration when buying, not aimlessly choose. The following describes important considerations, just for reference.

1. Maximum yield and running time

Ask manufacturer clearly about the maximum production capacity and the running time of sludge dryer in purchasing, generally a high efficient sludge dryer can reach 76 tons / hour, including the complex materials (moisture, debris more), and running time approximately 18-22 hours, so buy these two factors need to be considered.

2. Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of sludge dryer is very big in operation, and costs most of the funds, a of excessive sludge dryer. So fuel consumption is a important factor to consider. In order to save equipment costs and company production costs, improve profit and protect environment, do a right choice.

3. Equipment adaptability

Equipment adaptability is also necessary for users when purchasing sludge dryer, ask clearly what the materials sludge dryer equipment can process: whether complex material handling and in terrible environment, such as drought, rain and other areas. If this type sludge dryer can only meet a single requirement, it is recommended to choose another model.

4. The actual demand of yourself

It’s the most important to buy a sludge dryer suitable your own production requirements---capacity, energy consumption, moisture and so on. Do not just listen to the market, the best sludge dryer is the one can solve your actual needs.

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