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Best Sludge Dryer Manufacturer - Fote machinery

Sep 14 2015

Sludge dryer consists of broken device, feeding device, rotary drum, unloading and distribution cabinet, etc. And it suitable for urban sewage sludge drying, and clay drying sludge, floating ore and cement industries and many other industries. And there are more and more sludge dryer manufacturers on the market, Fote Machinery is an excellent one.

1. Company Strength

Fote Machinery founds more than 30 years, the production of sludge dryer for 20 years, technology - advanced and manufacturing - essence, is a large drying machinery manufacturers. Our sludge dryer is applied to non-ferrous metal selected from iron ore, copper, gold, silver, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese and fluorite, quartz stone. In 1999 we established our own laboratory, applied several techniques of all national patent, the quality and function is worth every consumer trust.

2. Fote slime dryer advantages

Fote slime dryer has the following characteristics, one: the material are processed in four work area (clean-up area, drying area, wind screen area, tilt lifting plate area), to ensure the quality of material drying; two: adopts modular self-cleaning device to work, which greatly expanded the application scope of device; three: sludge dryer can not only dry various types of sludge, but also a variety of high-viscosity materials; four: Fote sludge dryer can be a one-time drying 50% material moisture to finished product. High processing slime efficiency, low energy consumption, and excellent quality, to provide you with the best choice. Quickly contact us!

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