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How Long the Service Life of A High-pressure Micro Powder Mill?

Sep 14 2015
 High-pressure micro powder mill has the advantages of processing materials is uniform, stable and reliable, and that is really what users caring. Today we will introduce the quality of high-pressure micro powder mill that’s to say how long the service life of high-pressure micro powder mill?We analyze from the following two points.

 1. Natural factors - equipment quality

High-pressure micro powder mill’s quality is the key factor for its service life, if poor equipment production quality, the using steel and wearing parts are defective, not only leading to equipment performance is affected, more importantly, high pressure micro powder mill will "strike" after several times using. Finally, the user can not only get higher returns, but have to reinvest in equipment.

2.The human factor - operation method , maintenance, various components replacement

Human factors can be controlled in the user eyes There are three issues worth noting: first: operation method. If the operator does not operate base on operation rules, the device is easy to damage; Second: equipment maintenance. Good maintenance can extend the life of Raymond mill, but if not, the equipment service life will be reduced; Three: the parts replacement. Regular checking will improve equipment life and enhance their ability to work. A damaged parts if not replace timely, it will bring disaster to the other parts and wear quickly, particularly high-pressure micro powder mill wearing parts, this will accelerate the end of its service life.

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