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Users How to Distinguish Cone Crusher Manufacturer?

Sep 14 2015
 After optimized improvement and upgrading resent years, cone crusher has better performance and favored by more and more users, which making competition is increasingly fierce. So for the majority of users, how to choose cone crusher manufacturer?

1. Whether a “bogus company”

”Bogus company” means that those companies without their own cone crusher production plant but profit through the secondary sale. Users must pay particular attention to those manufacturers, because those machines usually are defective machine, performance is poor, the price is not cheap. Even you can not contact with the responsible salesperson after purchasing the equipment. To solve this problem, users should visit manufacturer’s plant before or in the selecting, especially for production workshop, to avoid buying defective equipment in a good payment.

2.Whether a small workshop

Small workshop refers to those even produce cone crusher, but the workshop of them is simple and crude, and the quality is obvious under this production condition. In addition, some small workshop manufacturers are only responsible for selling the product, you still need pay for installation or after-sale costs, unreasonable, right? But the regular cone crusher manufacturer produce and package equipment through better production plant, not only good quality, sometimes in order to get more customers resources than its competitors, the price is very reasonable. Even big brands cone crusher manufacturers make scientific research, sales and service in a unit, responsible for equipment and users at most.

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