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How to Improve the Service Life of the Flotation Machine?

Sep 15 2015

In actual production, in order to increase production, people tend to make the flotation machine to maintain uninterrupted operation, this situation is easy to make flotation machine can not get timely and effective maintenance, which easily leads to flotation machine malfunction reducing its service life, reducing production efficiency. Practice has proved that the flotation machine for proper operation and maintenance practices is the most effective measure to improve the service life of the flotation machine. Here, we’ll show you how to do the operation and maintenance of flotation machine.

1. Keep the body stable before starting
Shock and vibration may occur during the operation of flotation machine, sometimes abnormal vibration occurs, which can easily lead to the fuselage vibration plate or screw off. In order to ensure the normal operation of the flotation machine, we must carefully check the conditions of cover and screws, when sorting the machine. Ensure the stability of the fuselage before turning.
2. The reasonable adjustment of gate
The main role of the tank bottom shield is to be some protection, but because manufacturers sometimes will speed up the stirring impeller in order to improve efficiency, a strong stirring impeller so that the inner loop of the slurry will accelerate, leading to pry shield, causing serious accidents, so be sure to adjust the shutter before boot, so that the surface of the slurry remains stable.
3. Regular maintenance and replacement of the impeller
After a long run, it will lead to the impeller wear or corrosion, followed will lead to increased clearance between the impeller and the cover, so as to reduce absorption of flotation machine. To avoid such incidents, we should do impeller regular maintenance and replacement work, when there is an abnormal situation, we need to conduct timely inspection and adjustment.

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