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What’s the Role of Ball Mill Compartment Board?

Sep 15 2015

With the extensive use of the ball mill, more people are beginning to focus on ball mill, especially in some parts of the ball mill. Compartment board as a major part of the mill plays a very big role in a ball mill production. In order to make a more detailed understanding of its role, today we gave the explanation carefully.

1. To separate the grinding material
The role of grinding material which is separated by the compartment board mainly reflected in its average size of each bin allowing the body to maintain the finely milled gradually narrowing, the smaller the size of the grinding rough grinding compartment, the more their number, the greater the grinding surface area, the stronger the grinding action. This action maintains the coarse with a large ball, small ball for fine principles.
2. The sieve analysis for material 
The compartment board can effectively prevent large particles of material ran spout to remain coarsely grinding in the warehouse, effectively avoid the accumulation of abrasive powder block improving the quality of grinding.
3. To control the flow rate of the mill
Compartment ball mill grate hole size or arrangement form of board positions can effectively control the material flow in the mill grinding process, which effectively control the grinding efficiency.
4. The adjustment of ventilation amount
The main role of the mill ventilation is timely discharge water vapor, heat and ultra-fine powder, the total amount of the grate seam and center hole compartment panel represents the sum of the size of the cross-sectional area of ventilation, but also greatly affects the wind speed of the mill.

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