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How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Ball Mill?

Sep 15 2015

Energy saving is an result that many industrial companies want to achieve, but also a requirement of nation for production enterprises. Many of mining equipment are constantly improving energy saving ability, it is the same to ball mill, in recent years, many manufacturers are studying how to make the ball mill to save energy, in fact finding a lot of methods. Today, we will introduce them to you.

1. To maintain high operating rates and yields
To improve the operation of the ball mill rate within a reasonable range, to maintain stable production equipment, we can achieve them through the high operating rate of equipment which is related to equipment maintenance and maintenance work. To the same, to improve the operation rate while also need to appropriately increase the production. Continuous operation of the device can make the more reasonable system parameters, to some extent, to increase production can reduce the power consumption of the system.
2. To reduce the amount of air leakage
Severe leakage can increase the fan load, thereby increasing the fan power consumption, reducing the service life of the fan, impacting the ball mill’s production. In actual production, leakage is widespread, which seemingly small, in fact, it has a great impact. So in the production, we should try to reduce the amount of air leakage.
3. To reduce the vibration of ball mill
The larger ball mill vibration terms has impact on many aspects, such as the leading to the big fluctuation of main motor current which may cause a direct result of the high electricity consumption of the main motor, but also reduces system throughput. In the actual production, we can adjust the height stop ring material, the main exhaust fan valves and other methods to adjust the vibration of ball mill.

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