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The Unit Production Capacity of Gravel Sand Making Machine

Sep 15 2015

River gravel sand making machine is learning the essence of traditional equipment and the introduction of foreign advanced technology research and development from, is a dedicated processing equipment for river gravel materials. Its processing capacity is better than must other sand making equipment, then how many tons of river gravel sand that river sand making machine can deal per hour.

1. About 12-200 tons per hour for the complex nature of river gravel
If you are dealing with the complex nature of river gravel, such as high hardness, block too large and a large water content, which will increase the difficulty of treatment, thereby reducing the processing power. For example, as high water river gravel enters the crushing chamber, it is easy to sticky hammer, the crushing powder of hammer crusher reduced, if seriously, it may clog the discharge port of the crushing chamber, affecting the normal crushing process. The statistics, when faced with this nature of river gravel, river gravel sand per hour can only handle up to about 12-200 tons. We recommend that before crushing the complex nature of river gravel, please try to do the screening work, not only increase production, but also reduce the failure.
2. About 12-360 tons per hour for common river gravel
If it is broken ordinary river gravel sand and within the normal processing device range, its output could reach 12-360 tons per hour. Because when regular river pebbles go into the crushing chamber, the material properties of uniformly equal, a sudden change in the nature of the state does not occur, and thus giving pressure to the hammer, impeller  and the device has a good control of crushing strength, thus saving time and improving productivity.

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