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The Causes and Treatment of Active Lime Rotary Kiln “Knot-circle” Phenomenon

Sep 15 2015

When the high temperature kiln charge within the band appears the phenomenon that material like a ring attached to the inner wall of the rotary kiln, it is known as kiln skin, if kiln skin seriously affected the normal production, it is called “knot-circle” phenomenon which seriously affect the kiln ventilation, resulting in poor ventilation in the kiln, kiln ring formation will occur such situation that the material is difficult to move forward, kiln leakage of material is server thus affecting the normal running of active lime rotary kiln. Let’s look at the details of why it happens the phenomenon and how to deal with it.

1. Crude limestone crystal is prone to produce powder in limestone calcination process, and the fine powder is easier to adhere to the inner wall of the rotary kiln.
2. Ash among material is too high, it will lead to incomplete combustion when the injection amount of pulverized coal is excessive, these inadequate combustion and burn pulverized coal will lead to a lot of good lime reacts to adhere to the inner wall of the rotary kiln occurred the “knot-circle” phenomenon.
3. There are excessive mud in rotary kiln feed stock.
1. Adjust the air volume of rotary kiln once every two hours, the first time adjustment and second time adjustment should have the same air winds changing, a minimum amount of once wind adjustment is about 2600m3/h, the maximum value is adjusted to 3600 m3/h, the operator should pay close attention to the rotary kiln temperature, once the abnormal situation occurs, we can take timely measures to deal with.
2. Using high-grade limestone materials.

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