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Major Equipment of Active Lime Rotary Kiln’s Calcination System

Sep 15 2015

Lime rotary kiln is mainly used for baking active lime steel mills, ferroalloy plant and the light burned dolomite, it has higher efficiency during calcination. Active lime rotary kiln’s firing system is composed of highly efficient equipment, making it a higher degree of automation and higher productivity. Along with the enhancement of the importance of energy saving and environment protection and people’s energy-saving conscious, active lime rotary kiln will has a wider application.

1. The vertical pre-heater
Pre-heater is mainly used to improve the heat exchange of the active lime rotary kiln, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption. Pre-heater can be divided into square, round and polygonal vertical pre-heater, manufacturers can choose different pre-heater according to the actual situation. Pre-heater rotary kiln with hydraulic pusher to feed, making the more reliably run of device.
2. The rotary kiln
Rotary kiln is the soul parts of calcining system, the choose of rotary kiln should adapt to the production scale of manufacturers. Rotary kiln body is driven by a high-speed motor, when faced with power outages, the device can be carried out using a diesel driven equipment, so its adjustment is more flexible and more stable.
3. Vertical cooler
Vertical cooler is mainly used to remove heat from the device, the four regional of vertical cooler can be controlled individually, and it has a good cooling effect, and its maintenance is convenient because of its no moving parts, simple and reasonable structure.
4. The combustion device
The combustion device of active lime rotary kiln has more reliable and stable performance, its combustion effect is more ideal, as well as relief, emergency shut-off and automatic purging and other measures, is more secure and reliable in use.

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