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Which Kind of Sand Making Machine can Produce the Finest Sand?

Sep 15 2015

Sand making machine is using the stone broken stone and stone blacksmith and other principles of the various types of ore crushing, sanding, but for everyday use, some users have the high fineness requirements of the device, then, which kind of sand making machine can produce the finest sand? How can we judge it? You can refer to the following three points.

1. Judging by the adjustment size of the discharge port
The sand particle size and the discharge port have 40% degree of correlation regardless the kind of sand making equipment. When process sand and gravel, we can make the discharge port range smaller, so to meet the requirements of the sand discharged, while  sand which is big than the discharging port is left in the machine for continues processing. Thus, sand making machine which has the flexibly discharging port adjustment can lightly control the fineness of the sand.
2. Judging from the size of the hammer crushing force
Hammer is the most important broken parts in sand making machine. If the hammer crushing force is strong, so its sand handling is very large, its fineness is better meet the needs of users, on the contrary, if the crushing force is too weak, when faced with too hard stone blocks, too complicated nature of gravel, then it is difficult to produce the uniform sand, its sand production is too coarse. Thus, whether sand making machine can make finer sand or not, the hammer is very critical.
3.Judging through the height of crushing chamber 
The deeper sand crushing cavity, the longer material residence time, thus material suffers the higher frequency crushing impact, so the discharged sand is finer.

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