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Tips for Strengthening the Drying Effect of Gypsum Dryer

Sep 15 2015

Gypsum dryer is an important equipment for drying gypsum, but in the drying process, it often encounter the unsatisfactory material drying result, the user all want to make the drying effect further enhanced. So, today, we will describe how to enhance its drying effect.

External measures:

1. Selection the high thermal efficiency, stable stove
The stove has different effects in different production, customers should try to choose the high thermal efficiency and stable operating stove according to their production requirement, of course, you can also choose to recent high prevalence degree of automation, high temperature boiling furnace of good control.
2. Set the maximum amount of wind and dust removal equipment
  Set the maximum amount of wind and dust removal equipment to make gypsum dryer has a certain negative pressure, speed up the heat exchange, to achieve rapid drying purposes.
3. Do not feed containing too much moisture material
When the starting material is too much moisture, it will make the drying time longer, the drying effect may be obvious, but it affect the drying efficiency.

Internal measures:

1. Reasonable accelerate the speed of rotating cylinder
Gypsum dryer’s cylinder rotation frequency is not only relevant with the
 amount of processing equipment, when increasing the number of rotations, the moisture vaporization intensity becomes large, the drying effect will be better.
2. The feed size should be small, evenly feeding
When drying rate constant, the smaller the particle size of the material, the greater contact area with the hot air, so the drying effect will be strengthened. At the same time, uniform feed can not only help stabilize dryer thermal system, which is consistent with the material after drying the water, but also can improve the drying effect.

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