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The Cooling and Insulation Handling Precautions of Metallurgy Rotary Kiln

Sep 15 2015

Metallurgy rotary kiln is used in metallurgy industry, a major steel plant poor magnetic roasting and chrome ore, nickel ore roasting, metallurgy rotary kiln with a more high efficiency at the time of firing these ores, but also has a higher firing quality. With the extensive application of metallurgical kiln, more and more people are beginning to focus on how to properly cool the kiln of metallurgy and insulation. Here we talk about the cooling and insulation handling precaution of metallurgy rotary kiln.

1. The cooling operation
In order to ensure the quality of kiln remaining pellets during its long-term stopping, we should appropriate adjust the amount of gas as well as to their amount of wind. Wait until after the material emptying grate then stop gas, kiln speed to slow down and slowly decreasing according to the kiln materials. Long-term generally refers to stop time is over eight hours, and less than 5 minutes stop of kiln is called a temporary stop which need to stop spraying gas kiln, kiln stop time more than five minutes without inverted 10 minutes, this time should kiln the temperature dropped to 1,000 degrees, and then stop the kiln.

2. Insulation operation
When the metallurgical kiln is stop due to its failure, we can not do the insulation work though spraying gas. When the kiln temperature drops below 800 degrees, until the wind slowly reduced amount or no amount of wind, the kiln can be opened for relief. During the incubation process, the maximum temperature in the kiln should less than 800 degrees, the kiln speed to a minimum, and then the metallurgy kiln can do insulation work naturally.

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