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Factors Affecting the Service Life of Mining Hammer Crusher

Sep 15 2015

Most critical parts of mining hammer crusher is hammer, which directly determines the service life of mining hammer crusher. Except for constant hit in the production, it also impacted by materials, and the hammer will damage after a long period repeated use. In general, we can increase the hammer life by the following adjustment.

mining hammer crusher

1. The technical parameters

Mining hammer crusher technical parameters affects the rotor power and speed, but also the impact hardness of hammer. Therefore, hammer crusher need to adopts reasonable technology, and operate in strict data requirements.

2. Lumpiness and hardness materials

The hammer service life also affected by the lumpiness and hardness of materials, and both of them are positive correlate to its life. High lumpiness material needs to high toughness; on the contrary, less toughness. And high hardness material need to high quality hammer material. So select those has strong lumpiness and hardness material.

3. Structure and quality of the hammer

After the heat treatment, the mechanical structure of the hammer and its internal organization affected by structural design and collection shape. Relevant analysis shows that the varying degrees defects internal and surface are the reason for hammer fractured. So in production, develop a reasonable casting and heat treatment process.

mining hammer crusher

4. Internal gap adjustment

The mining hammer crusher internal gap is between the rotor body and the back plate, grate and the hammer; and it related to the security gate near the grate and the material plot existence, but material existence will make the hammer crusher seriously wear. So we must adjust their internal clearance regularly.

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