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What Kind of Mining Jaw Crusher Lubricant is the Best for Users?

Sep 15 2015

The precondition for mining jaw crusher normal operation is a good lubrication, which can reduce friction coefficient and reduce wear and temperature and so on. The performance characteristics of different types lubricants will be different, and some lubricant thermal shock resistance and oxidation resistance will be better. So, for the jaw crusher, how to choose the right lubricant? jaw crusher’s lubricants need to have what conditions?

mining jaw crusher

1. Strong thermal shock and oxidation resistance

Since the volume of mining jaw crusher is small, so the amount of lubricant loaded is limited, the oil temperature will be relatively high when working, but it is likely lead to operation faults; so in order to make the oil temperature is not too high, choose a good thermal shock resistance and strong oxidation resistance lubricants.

2. Better anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, anti-emulsifying properties

If the mining jaw crusher work environment is bad, coal dust and water are more susceptible to contamination, then it is likely to pollute lubricating oil, so choose rust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-good emulsifying properties of the lubricant, which will make the mining jaw crusher in harsh environments, its performance will not change much.

mining jaw crusher

3. Less variability lubricant viscosity

Work location of mining jaw crusher is not fixed, so the temperature is constantly changing, and the temperature variability with the change of temperature must be small, to avoid the formation of low viscosity lubricant film and excessively high viscosity causes mining jaw crusher start and operation difficulties.

mining jaw crusher

4. Good sealing performance

Sealing performance of lubricant should be good enough to avoid the pollution, prevent from resulting in oil changes and affecting the normal production.

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