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Why Fote Lime Rotary Kiln Quality is so Good?

Sep 15 2015
 Economic globalization brings depth exchanges and cooperation with the countries in the world, China Fote lime rotary kiln are moving towards the world, recognized and loved by foreign markets. So, why Fote lime rotary kiln is so popular?Why is it in good quality?

ime rotary kiln

1. Advanced technology

Fote Machinery has its own laboratory and technology patents, adopts advanced technology and phase level. For example: lime rotary kiln with a full seal technology, less dust pollution in operation; And lime kiln kiln sealed with steel plus flexible graphite seal, is double protection. After the technology improving and innovation, the lime rotary kiln calcining system equipment has the most advanced hydraulic thrust roller device system, its performance is stable, and operation is reliable.

2. Superb manufacturing

In the production of lime rotary kiln, lime manufacturer takes into account the special material nature, they do a heat process lime kiln , so that the cylinder toughness is improved. And during welding, Fote lime kiln manufacturers in particular thickened connecting member 5mm, so lime rotary kiln has a higher overall durability and long service life.

3. Compact structural

Fote lime rotary kiln has a compact internal structure, small footprint, and it also easy to transport. This is mainly because the lime kiln optimized internal design, some of the connecting member to do integration, narrowed its interior space. Open two observation doors outside to easily maintain and repair lime kiln, which get rid of removing individual components and repeat troubles at the early year.

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