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How to Identify the Quality of Iron Ore Crusher?

Sep 15 2015
 A crusher machine’s quality determines the production quality, failure rate, longevity and so on, and it also reflects the strength of a crusher manufacturers. There are many types of iron ore crushers on the market, crushing and fine crushing, or impact, counter-style and jaw crusher, etc. Whose quality is the best? How correctly identify? We make the following commentary.

iron ore crushers

1. Configuration judgment

Configuration is important standard of crushers’ quality, for example: feed opening, the discharge port material. Crusher feed opening reflects the maximum and minimum processing capacity, and discharge port controls product quality. At present, many manufacturers have realized automatic control of the feeding and discharging. Not only improves machine productivity, but also greatly reduces the operation failure rate.

iron ore crushers

2. System technology judgment

In general, high-quality crusher’s technology system is also relatively high. For example: high quality crusher adopts safety warning device which can automatically detects some faults during the crushing process, if a fault occurs, it will immediately stop; and adopts intelligent electronic system, it can adjust the height of crushing chamber based on the crushing cavity material, so the material can d=effectively crushed. These two technology applications greatly enhance the overall quality and performance.

iron ore crushers

3. The market acceptance

A crusher quality may also be reflected in the side of market popularity . Such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and so on. If one of the crusher is very popular with users, and its scope of application, sales have ranked first. There is no doubt that it is superior to other crushers in terms of performance, quality and crusher price, etc.

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