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Secret for Fuel-saving of Cobblestone Sand Making Machine

Sep 16 2015
 Cobblestone sand making machine welcomed by the majority of users and accepted by market because of its good performance, the best sand making effect, reliable operation, and so on. However, because it’s a large-scale machinery, so many users are more concerned about how to save energy consumption of cobblestone sand making machine in the operation, today we will talk about this issue.

Cobblestone sand making machine

1. Choosing reasonable fuel

Different device may have different fuel, so choose the right fuel. On the one hand, in favor of the extension service life of cobblestone sand making machine; on the other hand, saves a lot of using expenses. To note here is that seasonal changes may also affect the equipment fuel, so the user should select the appropriate fuel of sand making machine according to their actual situation.

Cobblestone sand making machine

2. Selecting a lighter device

In some extent, cobblestone sand making machine weight will affect the equipment fuel consumption, weight and fuel consumption is positively correlated, so it requires equipment more lighter in meeting production requirements. Here we recommend Fote cobbled sand making machine, it achieves the ultimate combined with the light and function, is the optimal product in the same efficiency equipment.

Cobblestone sand making machine

3. Appropriately improving engine compression ratio

An appropriate increase of engine compression ratio is the more common practice method. When increasing engine compression ratio of cobblestone sand making machine, the combustion rate of the mixed gas will also increase, which will reduce energy consumption and cost savings.

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