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Promising Future of Efficient Sand Washing Machine in Beneficiation Industry

Sep 16 2015

Efficient sand washing machine is becoming the best choice user upgrading equipment because of its reasonable structure, large capacity, high purity wash performance advantages, and it’s also the preferential choice for new users. Efficient sand washing machine play a great role in beneficiation industry.

Efficient sand washing machine

1. Cleaning before beneficiation

Some ore need to beneficiate by hand and election or photoelectric election, but its surface is covered by mud, so it is not good recognition. where the efficient sand washing machine comes in handy pre-election wash the sand by means of ores or photoelectric hand-selected, it is a good cause to beneficiation industry.

Efficient sand washing machine

2. Sorting, using of ore and slime

Many beneficiation experts know that some native ore and ore slime have very different in alternative terms, acoustic slime and other materials may also be selected, then you need to separate mud and sand by sand washing machine, respectively processed by this method for better sorting index.

3. Improving the ore grade

Common materials in mineral processing are brown and hematite, but they contains more clay and this cement clay has less ore mineral. In order to improve the ore grade, improve beneficiation efficiency, we can adopt high efficient sand washing machine to wash, and discard the final tailing---mud.

Efficient sand washing machine

4. Accelerating production process

Excess mud in Ore will cause sieve clogged and ore bin mouth, etc., which would make it difficult to continue production operations. So as the beneficiation production line, but using efficient sand washing machine will has a great effect.

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