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Energy-saving Equipment - Magnesium Rotary Kiln

Sep 16 2015
 Magnesium rotary kiln is a rotary kiln for processing dolomite, which consists of the rotary cylinder, the supporting means, formed with the gear wheel support means, kiln head and other parts, are more widely used rotary kiln equipment in recent years. So how to reduce energy consumption of rotary kiln? Magnesium kiln provides us a reference.

Magnesium rotary kiln

1. Configuration of magnesium rotary kiln

The production material of magnesium rotary kiln adopts new highly efficient thermal insulation materials, can effectively solve the problem of lining and insulation and achieve the purpose of saving energy. Metal magnesium reduction plant kiln adopts jet pump vacuum equipment, installs smoke trail furnace waste heat boiler and air heat exchange can effectively conserve heat. In addition, the widespread adoption of the furnace and flue insulation materials, can effectively reduce the loss of heat to save energy consumption. Finally, cooling water production equipment are used closed cycle, without efflux, which can effectively save water resources.

Magnesium rotary kiln

2. Magnesium rotary kiln management

In magnesium rotary kiln operation, user should operate safely to avoid the run, exude, drip, and leak phenomenon, effectively saving resources. In addition, magnesium metal working time should be adjust reasonably, try the best to avoid phenomenon of idle running, you can also set up a special organization, unified and scientific management. Seek to minimize the resources cost to create the maximum profit.

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