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How to do When There is Massive Powder Produced by Ball Mill?

Sep 16 2015

Massive powder, to say it informally, is do not screen the qualified grinding pellet, and it will directly lead to fine powder increased and powder grinding decreased. Massive powder usually associated with the material flow and the number of fine powder inside. Ball mill also occurs massive powder in the operation, then, how to deal with it? Let's explore together.

China ball mill

1. Strengthening the mill ventilation

Good ventilation can take generated fine powder timely, effectively eliminate buffering effect of fine powder; is also possible to take away the produced steam, not only can effectively reduce the occurrence of adhesion, but also make less prone to clogging of the sieve. Strengthening the mill ventilation also helps to reduce the temperature of the mill, greatly improving the mill's production.

2. Adding grinding grinding aid

Grinding aids can be effectively adsorbed on the surface of the material, so that the bonding between the materials is not easy. And it also adsorb material pellet between the cracks, effectively weakens "healing" to accelerate the material flow rate in the grinding and reduces material residence time in the mill, which effectively contributed to reducing the occurrence of excessive dust.

China ball mill

3. Selecting suitable lining plate

Grinding mill liners effect plays a very big role of grinding effect, if you use spiral liner or liner trenches and some new liner can effectively reduce the occurrence of excessive powder, because these new liners has a good selective grinding effect.

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