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How to Purchase China Ball Mill at a Fair Price?

Sep 16 2015

Ball mill is a necessary grinding equipment for crushing all kinds of minerals, rock materials. There are different mining benefication manufacturers in China, and the price is also different from thousand to million. So, how the purchase a fair price China ball mill?

China ball mill

1. Inferring from market factors

Market factor includes two aspects: First, horizontal comparison with the industry manufacturer; the second is longitudinal variations on the same China ball mill manufacturer prices. The former requires the user to examine a few more ball manufacturers in order to select the most cost-effective; the latter user can determine from price fluctuations mill, purchasing in the most appropriate chance.

China ball mill

2.Inferring from raw material costs

Ball mill’s manufacture raw material is general steel (the material with a high degree of wear, high hardness characteristics). High prices ball mill tend to use better steel and advanced welding technology.

3. Inferring from labor costs

China ball mill

Labor costs includes two aspects: First, the cost of production, mainly workers coats and technical personnel and research and development costs; the second is the cost of sales, mainly promotional costs and sales investment. In purchasing, user directly contacts with sales staff, not only can know factory strength through their profession, but can get pricing information from a conversation point. China Fote is a trustworthy company with its own laboratory and a large number of senior technical staff, welcome!

4. Inferring from manufacturers reputation

Choose a high credibility degree mill manufacturer, eliminating the need for pre-installation, operator training, post-maintenance, maintenance and other costs, can create higher economic value for the user.

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