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Iron Ore Crushing King - Cone Crusher

Sep 16 2015

Iron ore is an important raw material of steel production enterprises, we need to ensure effective elements and their properties in the iron ore crushing process. Therefore, the choice of iron ore crusher should combined with its own characteristics, so as to avoid wasting resources. Most ore crushing equipment - cone crusher, is called "the king of iron ore crushing."

cone crusher

1. Achieving lamination crushing

Cone crusher is high performance crushing equipment, optimize its speed, stroke and crushing chamber to achieve the inter granular laminating crushing which significantly increases iron ore production capacity and improves iron ore shape.

2. More crushing less grinding

The device is can achieve selective crushing, to meet the "more crushing less grinding" process requirements, is the ideal energy-saving ultra-fine crushing equipment and a well-deserved "Iron ore crushing king."

cone crusher

3.Adjusting coefficient automatically

Cone crusher is a set of electrical, automation, hydraulic, intelligent control technology, and at the time of the we can choose crushing force in the iron ore processing according to iron ore properties to achieve optimum crushing direction. In addition, when there is iron ore property mutation in the crushing cavity, cone crusher can handle by adjusting coefficient.

4. High crushing performance

In iron ore crushing, cone crusher perfectly combined with speed, crushing impact and crushing chamber design, which not only has a unmatched performance, but also realizes crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of iron ore.

cone crusher

5.Operating flexibly

In operation, the operation can be automated by computer system, for example, when the cone crusher lubrication system lacks oil, it can be directly add by button, very flexible and easy.

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