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Promising Future of Sludge Rotary Dryer

Sep 16 2015
 Sludge is the product of the sewage processing, with high moisture content, easy to corrupt and smelly, smaller pellet, a gum liquid and difficult to handle. The emergence of sludge rotary dryer makes sludge "turning waste into treasure", play a great role in industrial production . The following is brief analysis from sludge hazard and the role of the sludge rotary dryer.

sludge rotary dryer

1. Sludge hazard

There are three main sludge hazards: water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution. The first is the sludge water hazards, excessive heavy metals contained in the sludge, the dumping sludge in the ocean will cause a large area of fish and shrimp died; then is the harm to the soil, because sludge contains toxic chemicals and pathogenic microorganisms, its simple landfill or open dumps, which will produce a chemical reaction, destroy the soil structure, which harmful substances may penetrate the soil and then be absorbed by plants; the final is air pollution, sludge will release harmful gas after the organic matter is decomposed by microorganisms.

sludge rotary dryer

2. The role of sludge rotary dryer

Dried sludge has a significant role, which must rely on collaboration of sludge rotary dryer. Fote sludge rotary dryer coal-saving nearly up to 20 percent, creating more value for our customers. Adopting multi-stage purification dust removal equipment, greatly reduces equipment pollution for environment, it can be sent to the cement plant and used for cement production; it also can be used for soil conditioner, tailings piles, quarries, open-air coal pit reclamation. Such sludge drying not only solve the environmental problems, but also provides users with a considerable economic value, as well as conducive to the sustainable development of society.

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