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Fly Exclusive Milling Equipment - Flay Ash Ball Mill

Sep 17 2015

Flay ash is like cement, between milky color to gray and black, look ordinary, but after grinding equipment handling, it has extremely wide range of applications. However, due to the complex nature of fly ash, which milling equipment is the best one? The answer is fly ash ball mill.

fly ash ball mill

1. Advanced grinding performance
Fly ash ball mill grinding operation is based on the nature of the fly ash industrial. Fly ash ball mill can make wet and dry grinding processes. Fly ash through the barrel when the ball is rotating grinding body due to inertia, centrifugal force and friction effects, it is attached to the cylinder liner then been taken away by the barrel. When it was taken to a certain height, then it was thrown down, the whereabouts of the grinding body like a projectile that crushing the fly ash. Then, material goes into the flay ash grinding ball mill chamber for further grinding. At last, the powder fly ash with a high quality is discharged through the discharging gate.

fly ash ball mill

2. Overcome the vagaries of nature
When the fly ash in the fly ash ball mill, if the nature changes, the device will automatically read, then, immediately replace reasonable grinding efforts and grinding manner without stopping. Fly ash ball mill also eliminate the other grinding equipment which can not hold its mutation nature thus emerging the over smashing or inadequate smashing phenomenon.

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