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Five-Step Strategy of Slag Ball Mill Buying

Sep 17 2015

 Slag is an industrial solid material, it is mainly composed of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and a small amount of aluminum, manganese, phosphorus and other oxides. It has diverse nature, when using other grinding equipment, also should pay more attention to it. Although the slag ball mill is the special equipment for slag grinding, it should also be cautious when buying. The following is the five-step strategy for slag ball mill buying.

slag ball mill

Step one: define your own needs
First of all, you must define your own needs according to the attributes and characteristics of grinding materials, and select the appropriate grinding equipment, so as to better improve production efficiency.
Step two: identify the manufacturer
In the selection of steel slag ball mill manufacturers, in addition to selecting the right material corresponds with your professional grinding mill equipment manufacturers, but also to look for factory strength, size, and production of steel slag mill which also need to have more than ten years experience in production thus ensuring the quality of equipment and overall performance.

slag ball mill

Step three: to select energy-efficient slag ball mill
in the future use of an energy-efficient slag ball mill, customers can save substantial additional funds, and as the case of electric power price increasing, so try to choose as much as possible the energy-saving slag ball mill.
Step four: test machine on-site
After determining the model and scale of the slag ball mill, customers should test the machine on site. If there is some problem, you can replace the machine immediately, in addition, to ask what causes the formation, thus to avoid the buying of low quality equipment.

slag ball mill

Step five: three packet protocol
Before deciding to buy, you should make three packs agreement with  manufacturers which refers to kit replacement within a year, two years maintenance package. Once manufacturers implement everything, and then determine to buy.

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