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Two Problems on Fly Ash Dryer

Sep 17 2015

Fly ash dryer is mainly used for drying the fly ash which is a Pozzolanic material and pulverized after the formation of high-temperature combustion. Next, we will talk about two problems on fly ash dryer.

Fly ash dryer

1. The dust problem
Dust is the troublesome issue for many of the fly ash dryer manufacturers. Due to the strong adsorption, easy to collect the settlement, fly ash dryer is easy to dust, so fly ash dryer ventilation often occur after a period of time, paste bag problem, which led to the low drying efficiency, a direct result of increased clean-up costs and maintenance costs. To address this problem, many manufacturers have developed a special fly ash dryer dust removal equipment, using a dedicated bag material, the novel set gray way, effectively reduce the dust problem of fly ash dryer.

Fly ash dryer

2. The material bond issue
Material bond issue refers to that wet fly ash is prone to bond during transport, feed and drying process, it is easy to clog, it seemingly simple question has seriously affection to the normal production. In recent years, due to the draw slime drying technology, gypsum and other materials of high viscosity and high humidity, this problem has been greatly improved. The reasonable use of the copy plate, strike plate and a cleaning device of fly ash dryer and the strictly rational set to the drying process parameters thus making the bonding material problem of fly ash dryer has been greatly reduced.

Fly ash dryer

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