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Factors Affecting the Quality of Rod Ball Mill Processing Slime?

Sep 17 2015

Coal refers to the commonly used, an aqueous semi-solids in coal production process, its application is very wide. Usually we use rod ball mill for the processing of slime, but we will always find without reaching the slime production requirements indicators, it is because there are many factors affecting the quality of rod ball mill processing slime, and only a good grasp of these factors thus improving the slime quality.

rod ball mill

1. Raw coal factors
The first point is that the size of the particle size of the raw coal, raw coal particle size can not exceed the indicator of rod ball mill, and if it exceeds the output will lead to slime too coarse granularity, in principle, fine raw coal production out of the slime will be finer granularity. Secondly, it is the hardness of the raw coal, when raw coal hardness is too large, it will lead to relatively too large slime output size, the quality is reduced.

rod ball mill

2. Rod ball mill’s speed
When the rod ball mill speed is too low, the impact on the bar will be small, it will make the rod mill’s production capacity low, this case is suitable for fine grinding. When the rod mill’s speed is too high, the impact of the steel rod will be greater, this situation is conducive to kibble. Therefore, in the production of different production to achieve the size requirements, the first thing is to regulate the speed, so as to achieve the best production quality.

rod ball mill

3. The diameter of the bar
When the rod mill’s steel rod diameter is too large, the gap between a heap of steel bars will be relatively large, and the velocity of the material will be faster, so coal grinding time will be shorter, this the case will also reduce the material and the contact surface between grinding, will result in insufficient phenomenon, so the bar diameter of rod ball mill should not be too large.

rod ball mill

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