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The Miantenance Method of the Rotary Dryer's Mainframe

Jul 07 2014

Rotary dryer is a kind of common drying equipment. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal, medicine and other industries since its reliable operation, strong adaptability, large capacity and etc. However, the rotary dryer's mainframe is easy to be rusted because of its bad working condition and its own material. If the rusted mainframe can not be disposed immediately, it will affect its working life and handling capacity. So this article will introduce you the miantenance method of the rotary dryer's mainframe.

Remove the oil: It refers to that remove the oil on the surface of the rotary dryer’s mainframe so that its surface can become hydrophilic from hydrophobic, in order to ensure that the following work can be finished smoothly. There are two method to removing oil for the dryer: handle its parts with organic solvents or clean them in the alkaline liquid. The common used organic solvents are gasoline, petroleum solvents, turpentine, ethyl propyl ketone, alcohol, toluene, xylene, trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene, and etc. The common used alkaline liquids are Orthophosphoric acid, and sodium silicate.

Rust cleaning: There are two rust cleaning ways for rotary dryer, mechanical derusting and chemical derusting. The mechanical derusting is easy to operate, but it is mainly used for derusting large numbers of parts with large area and simple shape. To the small volumes of single metal parts, the best method to use is chemical derusting method. And the common used chemicals are : chromic anhydride, phosphoric acid, ammonium acetate, and etc. After chemical derusting, in order to avoid leaving residual derusting liquid on parts, they must be neutralized before they can continue to use. Besides, neutralization treatment can also avoid the parts rusted again in a short time.

Passivation: To the parts which are rusted newly, they must be immediately passivated to avoid rusting again. They are usually paint or coated with a layer of other materials on their surface.

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