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How to Purchase a River Sand Dryer

Jul 07 2014

River sand dryer is a kind of drying equipment used for drying sand, river sand, slag, coal slag, quartz sand and etc. There are many river sand dryer bands in the market. And different types and different configurations of river sand dryers also have different prices. Customers always meet all kinds of problems in the process of purchasing dryers. This article will introduce you three tips for river sand dryer purchase, so that you can find your love product.

Find a reliable river sand dryer manufacturer

Because there are so many river sand dryer manufacturers in the market, customers should site visit several manufacturers to known their strengths before purchase, such as, product quality, production technology, service, reputation, production scale, and etc. The eye see for solid, the ear hear for false. If the condition is permitted, you had better visit the customer’s production site. Customer’s words are the most persuasive. Fote heavy machinery is a famous mining machinery Co..Ltd., welcome you to visit it!

Select a suitable dryer model

After finding your love manufacturer, then you should decide which type of sand river dryer you wand to buy. The tip is that purchase the most suitable dryer according to your need. Then ask yourself the following problems: What is your wet material? How humidity is your wet material? What kind of drying effect you want to meet? How heavy do you want to dry per hour? And etc. By the way, we generally choose rotary dryer and three drum dryer to dry river sand. Beside the above questions, you should also consider the operation cost. For example, which kinds of fuels do you want to use, coal, oil, electricity, and other else? Whatever fuels do you want to choose, just promise it is convenient, energy saving and environmental protection.

Check the quality of the dryer

At last, check the whole equipment carefully and promise that there are no obvious quality problems before purchase to avoid trouble. For example, can the big gear and small gear be engaged? Are all components consistent with the parameters?

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