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The Working Process of the Indirect Heat Transfer Rotary Dryer

Jul 08 2014

The indirect heat transfer rotary dryer is a kind of drying machine whose working principle is mainly conductive heating and thermal radiation is its auxiliary way. Its body is composed of two or more concentric sleeves, so the heat-carrying gas and wet materials can be divided by a metal sleeve to avoid direct contacting. In the process of drying, the heat is firstly passed to the metal sleeves, and then is passed to wet materials by the metal sleeves. The following is a specific introduction of the working process of the indirect heat transfer rotary dryer:

Input of the hot gas

Specifically speaking, rotary dryer’s heat-carrying gas—the hot flue gas firstly enters into interlayer between the fire tube and flue lifting plate, and then move to the entrance. The heat-carrying gas transfers its heat to the wet materials indirectly during this process.

Drying process of the wet materials

At the same time, the wet materials enter into the material cavity between the flue and lifting board from the high feeding box. The main part of the rotary dryer is a metal sleeve which can rotate by a motor, so the materials in the metal sleeve can move from the high-end of the dryer to the low-end of the dryer with the rotating of the drum and its own weight. Materials are dried in the process of moving.

Output of the gas and materials

Materials are discharged from the tank at the bottom of the rotary dryer after being dried. The wet gas produced in the drying process is discharged by the fan at the top of the rotary dryer.

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