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The Working Process of the Direct Heat Transfer Rotary Dryer

Jul 08 2014

The structure of the direct heat transfer rotary dryer is much simpler than the indirect heat transfer rotary dryer’s. It mainly includes heat source, feeder, rotary drum, discharging machine, unloading machine, and distribution cabinet. And it is mainly used for drying granular and small bulk materials, for example, slag, clay. This article will introduce you the working process of the direct heat transfer rotary dryer as the following several parts: The input of the hot gas and wet materials, the drying process, and the discharging of the materials and wet gas.

The input of the hot gas and wet materials

Direct heat transfer rotary dryer can use different heat sources according to different drying materials, such as, direct thermal stove, indirect stove, oil, electric heating, steam, etc. We call all of them heating sources. When rotary dryer starts to work, the heating sources produce heat-carrying gas, the heat gas enters into the drum though the fire tube, and then contact with wet materials directly. There are two ways that hot gas can enter into the machine: entering from the same side of the feeding mouth, and entering from the opposite side of the feeding mouth. At the same time, wet materials are sent at the feeding mouth by the feeding convey and then enter into the rotary drum.

The drying process

Wet materials enter into the slant drum which has evenly distributed lifting boards, so materials can move towards with the power of lifting boards and their own weights. During their moving, they contact with hot gas completely and are dried totally.

The discharging of the materials and wet gas

When materials and gas move to the exit, the heat-carrying gas has become wet gas, and the wet materials have become drying materials. So the wet gas is discharged by the fan, and drying materials are discharged by the unloading machine. The whole dying process has been finished.

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