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The Operating Skills of the Sawdust Dryer

Jul 08 2014

Sawdust dryer is a kind of drying equipment used for drying wet sawdust. The service life of the sawdust dryer is not only related to its own quality, but also has a great relationship with its operating skills. This article will introduce you the operating skills of the sawdust dryer by an expert from Fote heavy machinery.

The skills of starting a sawdust dryer

Before using, make a regular examination on the whole machine, such as, check the nuts to see whether they are loose or not; check the lubricating parts to see whether they are lubricate enough or not; check the power to see whether it is engaged or not; check the position of the drum and see whether it is correct or not; whether there are phenomena of materials plotting and clogging or not, and so on. After everything is normal, power on, keep the drum running without materials, and promise that the direction of the rotating drum is same with the direction of the marked arrow. After these, turn on the heating wire, if there is not hot air discharged after five minutes later, stop the machine immediately and see whether there is the phenomenon of materials clogging or not.

The skills of the running operation

In the process of drying, you must put down the cover. If you want to repair any workpiecs, please stop the equipment first. In addition, don’t feeding materials excessively, otherwise, materials can not reach the satisfactory drying effect, and overloading will also have a bad effect on the service life of the sawdust dryer.

The skills of stopping a sawdust dryer

When the drying work has finished, stop heating at first, and then torn off the motor to make the drum stop. Remember, sawdust dryer can centrifugal drying materials individually without heating, but can drying materials with hot gas when its drum is stopped rotating.

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