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Market Prospects of the Sawdust Dryer

Jul 10 2014

Sawdust dryer is a drying machine used for drying sawdust and wood chips. There are two big factors affect the development of the sawdust dryer: sawdust dryers’ own characteristics, and the market prospects of the sawdust. Now let’s have a specific analysis of the sawdust dryer’s market prospects from the two big aspects:

The market prospects of the sawdust

Resource scarcity and environmental degradation are two major problems that our country is facing at this stage. Therefore, the State Council advocates turning waste into treasure and vigorously developing renewable energy. Charcoals are indispensable raw materials in both industry and agriculture, for example, the production of furniture. Processing wood chips, sawdust and other wastes can alleviate resource crisis caused by logging and the environmental pollution caused by charcoal burning. Sawdust has a strong hydroscopicity, so its moisture content is typically too high and can not meet the requirement of production. Therefore, sawdust must be dried by sawdust dryer to the requirement and then be further processed. To sum up, the development of the sawdust industry will drive the development of the sawdust dryer.

The advantages of the sawdust dryer

The sawdust dryer has a short drying time and high thermal efficiency; it is easy to operate and environmental protection; and the sawdust dried by it is uniform and not compacted. So it is recognized and favored by most customers. As the development of the technology, the characteristics of sawdust dyer are improved. Sawdust dryer will have a better market prospects.

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