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The Structure of Sawdust Dryer’s Drum

Jul 10 2014

Sawdust dryer is mainly be made up of heat source, breaking machine, belt conveyer, feeding machine, rotary drum, fan, unloading machine, and distribution cabinet. It is used for drying sawdust, wood chips, ash, phosphogypsum, titanium gypsum, and other powder or paste materials. This article will give you a specific introduction of the structure of sawdust dryer’s drum.

Feeding zone

Wet materials are always humid and adhesive, so they must be broken up by breaking equipment before entering in sawdust dryer. After that, they are sent to the feeding zone by belt conveyer. Wet materials enter into this zone and contact with hot negative pressure gas, and then they are evaporated large amounts of water rapidly. At the same time, they form into non-adhesive materials with the driving of large angel rising board. At last, they enter into the next zone.

Cleaning zone

Wet materials are thrown by the lifting plates and form into material curtain in this zone. Materials are easy to bond on the cylinder when they fall down. So the surface of cylinder is equipped with cleaning device. The cleaning device breaks up the adhesive materials, so the contacting surfaces between the wet materials and heat-carrying gas are also enlarged, and the drying efficiency is improved.

Inclined lifting plate zone

This zone is also call wet temperature drying zone. Materials have been half dried when they enter into this zone, so you don’t worry material bonded phenomenon. Materials are further dried in the zone, and meet the satisfactory drying effect. Then they enter into the final discharge zone.

Discharging zone

There is no rising board in this zone, so materials can move to the discharging mouth by themselves in this zone and finish the drying process.

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