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The Installation Process of a Sawdust Dryer

Jul 10 2014

Sawdust dryer need to be installed at the production site since it must be fixed on the foundation. The correct installation of sawdust dryer has a great relationship with its future operation and production. So operators should be careful when they install sawdust dryers. This article details the installation process of a sawdust dryer as follows:

1. Check all of the components: check and see whether they are damaged or defective or not. Especially all the gears, be sure there is no traces of collision on the butt joint surface.

2. Draw the base line: draw the cross line and standard height line on the basis board. The burying of the center standard board must be convenient to use and the engine base should not be buried after installation.

3. The installation of the base and tug of the machine: level the ground, and draw out the center line of the base and tug. Then find out the installation positions of the base and tug, and lay them down. After that grout in the foundation holes with concrete, and tighten the bolts when the concrete has reached certain intensity. At last, install the cylinder after re-inspection.

4. The installation of the sawdust dryer’s cylinder and rolling rings: firstly, put the rolling rings on the cylinder, and then tighten them and keep their concave joints staggered; secondly, adjust the thickness of the iron pad, and leave a certain space between the rolling ring and the concave joint; at last, weld of the bolt heads of the joints.

5. The installation of the sawdust’s big gear wheel: before installation, check and see whether there are any traces of collision on the butt joint surface or not. If there are, change them immediately. Then clean the contacting surface of the big gear wheel and the cylinder. Joint the two half gears butt and butt carefully, and tighten their bolts. At that time, the big gear has been installed on the cylinder. At last, rotate the cylinder and adjust the radial runout and vateral swing of the gear until they are qualified.

6. The installation of the small gear wheel, reducer and motor: adjust the meshing parameters of the big gear wheel and small gear wheel to meet the requirement according to the installed big gear wheel. Then fixed the small gear wheel, reducer and motor.

7. The installation of the gear’s cover: the space between the gear’s cover and the edge of gear must be even.

8. Grouting: after all of the above components have been installed, then do secondary grouting depending on the relevant provisions of the civil engineering design. Installation and commissioning work associated with grout should be simultaneously re-checked to ensure the quality of the dryer’s installation.

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