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The Present Situation Analysis of the Industrial Dryer

Jul 12 2014

For a long time, the domestic industrial dryer manufacture has the following characteristics: the production scale is small, the overall technical content is not high, the entering barrier is too low, low quality and similar types, the numbers of enterprises whose annual sales is less than 500 million are about 60% of all enterprises, while the numbers of enterprises whose annual sales is more than 1000 million are about 5%-8% of all enterprises. But now, the market has a higher requirement to the dryer’s quality, energy consumption and environmental protection. So the technical content is playing a more and more important role in industrial dryer production. At the same time, Industrial dryer manufacture is also changing. This article will give you a comprehensive analysis of the industrial dryer’s present situation.

Technology becomes more and more important.

In applied research, industrial dryer manufacturers are not only focus on new technologies, and develop new applications, but also focus on innovation and creativity of traditional crafts and traditional applications. In terms of technology, the researches of automation, manufacturing process, material, design and other aspects are also increasing.

The key dryer manufacturing enterprises are born.

In the past, sales of products mainly relied on price competition, but now it is different. Some manufacturers whose dryers have high technical content, and who focus on the development of new products, their production effects are increasing. In contrast, some enterprises whose products have low-tech, and who has weak ability to develop new technologies and new products, their production effects begin to decline. Therefore, the existing enterprises develop into the industry leader through technology competition, and combination gradually.

The exports of industrial dryers are increasing.

Now, the export scale of industrial dryers has not yet formed in China. Its export is less than 5% of the total, and they are mainly exported to Southeast Asia. However, according to some authority forecasts, as the development technology, within the next few years, China's exports proportion of industrial dryer will be increased from 5% to 10%, and the export markets will also be expanded from Southeast Asia to Europe.

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