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Some Common Problems and Solutions of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 12 2014

Sawdust dryer is a drying machine used for drying wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets and other materials. The following are some common problems and solutions of sawdust dryer that we may meet in working process of sawdust dryer.

1. The dried materials can not be sucked away.

Problem analysis: first, the installation of the sawdust dryer is incorrect so that the dryer is leakage; second, the design of the dryer has a problem.

Solution: for the former, you need to check the interface pipeline and see whether it is air leakage or not, if it is, readjust it according to the installation drawings; for the latter, only the dryer manufacturer can bear the responsibility.

2. Materials can be dried at a time.

Problem analysis: first, the dryer is too small, and there are too many materials in the sawdust dryer; second, the wind pressure and flow of the net are arithmetical error.

Solution: in the first case, you can use a larger capacity dryer instead of the small one. Or reduce the volume of materials; while to the second case, you need to contact dryer manufacturer, and ask the manufacturers to recalculate the pressure, and flow and provide a new design according to the actual situation.

3. The noise of the sawdust dryer is too loud.

Problem analysis: the workpieces may be placed unevenly; or its installation is unstable; or its bearing is worn; or the bolts used for fixing the bearing are loose.

Solution: for this, you need to stop working and find the problem. Keep the workpieces even; reinstall the sawdust dryer and make it steady; tighten the bolts; or replace a new bearing.

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