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Sawdust Produced by Sawdust Dryer Has a Wide Application

Jul 12 2014

Sawdust is the powder falling down in the process of plate. Its size is about 0.1-0.5mm and 10-40 mesh. Sawdust must be dried by sawdust dryer before the next production process since its strong water absorption. What applications does sawdust have? This article will explain it in the following parts:

1. Sawdust can be used to make fuel. After wet sawdust is dried by sawdust dryer and plasticized by briquetting machine, it can be used as semi-finished raw material of mechanical carbon. Sawdust processing industry is less investment and quick effect.

2. Sawdust can be used for planting flowers. Sawdust has a comprehensive nutrition. And it is loose, breathable, and clean. It is an ideal fertilizer for flower cultivation.

3. Sawdust can be used to make furniture. Sawdust can be used to make plywood, compression plates, Daixinban, ply, and etc., which are raw materials to many furniture.

4. Sawdust can be used for planting edible mushrooms. Sawdust can be used for cultivating many kinds of edible fungi such as mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom, fungus, etc.

5. Sawdust can be used as cleanser. For example, sawdust can be used as dunnage in the litter of pets you can put sawdust litter as pets. Besides, sawdust can also be used to oil decontamination. For example, sawdust are usually used for sweeping floor in some big mall.

In addition, the sawdust can also be used in the manufacture of paper, disposable chopsticks, chicken feed and etc. And it can also be used for burning, for example the production of smoked meat in rural areas. Sawdust has a very good developing prospect, so sawdust processing will be a good project to get rich. Sawdust dryer is a kind of key equipment in sawdust production line. To develop sawdust industry, selecting a good performance, and high-efficiency dryer is very important. If you want high quality sawdust dryer, please refer to the following links:

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