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How to Prevent Dryers from Rusting

Jul 12 2014

To the dryers that are generally used for crushing corrosive materials, we must do something to protect them from rusting. The corrosion problems of dryer have been paid attention for a long time. Traditionally, people spray liquid paint on the dryer’s drum to protect it from rusting. However, such liquid paint usually has volatile and toxic substances, which is harmful to environment. And liquid paint has large amounts of hydrocarbons such as ketones and HC organics, which are flammable and explosive, and have a big security risk. For the above reasons, people now usually use the following three new technologies to prevent dryers from rusting.

The method of electrostatic powder coating

This method refers to coat a new type powder coating on the surface of the drum. This kind of new type powder coating is tough, decorative and durable, and has an excellent outdoor weathering resistance and heat resistance. It is the best choice to prevent dryer from rusting.

Austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel welding

To the anticorrosion problem of weld, we use Austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel instead of traditional welding materials. Such material is resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and it is not easy to cause fracture. It is the best material used for welding dryers.

The methods of passivation and phosphate

In the production of the dryer, many parts of it are made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is easy to rust in harsh environments. So we use the method of passivation and phosphate to deal with these iron artifacts by electrical and electrochemical reaction, and then a dense layer of rust film can generate on the surface of these iron artifacts metal. Even if the equipment is put in a humid environment, it will not rust. This is the most widely used anticorrosion method.

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