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Common Problems and Solutions of Industrial Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Industrial drying machine is the main equipment used in mining, building materials, chemical and other industries. Its operation is simple, drying effect is good, and application is wide. This article will gives you a specific analysis of the common problems and solutions of industrial dryer:

1. The drying effect of materials is uneven.

Reasons: the operation method of the industrial dryer is incorrect; wet materials form into chunks because of low temperature.

Solutions: for the former, we should strengthen technical personnel operating training to master the operating skills; for the latter, we need to break wet material first, and then dry them.

2. Industrial dryer’s drum can not rotate.

Reasons: The motor is burned; or the belt is loose or broken.

Solutions: for the former, replace the motor, and check the switch contact to see whether it is good or not, and check the fuse to see whether it is blown; for the latter, adjust the position of the motor or replace the belt.

3. Materials inside the dryer are on fire.

Reasons: materials can not be absorbed and the temperature is too high, so materials are on fire; or the dryer’s capacity is too small, and too many materials are fed. Wet materials can not reach their drying effect and the operator forcibly heats the device, causing a fire.

Solutions: check the industrial dryer to see whether it is correctly installed, whether it leaks air or whether its air pressure increases; replace the little capacity industrial dryer with a larger one, or drying less materials each time.

4. Fuels are wasted.

Reasons: dryer’s thermal insulation performance is poor; or stove’s design is unreasonable.

Solutions: coat a layer of insulation materials for the industrial dryer; or contact the manufacturer to redesign the stove.

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