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Purchasing Skills of Industrial Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Industrial dryer is mainly used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, for drying a certain humidity and granularity of the materials, such as, tea, herbs, corn, vegetables, food, chicken, slag, towel quilt, sawdust, coal, gypsum, fertilizer, honeysuckle, straw briquette fuel, charcoal machinery, fuel wood pellets, sawdust briquettes, and etc. How to purchase an ideal dyer? The followings will tell you purchasing skills of industrial dryer.

Make a comprehensive survey on industrial dryer’s manufacturers

1. Corporate reputation: Industrial dryer equipment requires regular maintenance, and sometimes users may meet difficult problems during using them, so dryer manufacturers must guarantee to permanently provide users with technical advice. Some wearing parts can not be replaced by other factories’ parts, so industrial manufacturer must ensure the supply of spare parts. Before selecting an industrial dryer manufacturer, you need to know these situations firstly. You’d better to ask other users to know the manufacturer’s reputation.

2. The production capacity of the industrial dryer manufacturer: visit the dryer manufacturers to know whether they have the experimental equipment, and whether they have the experimental data required for drying materials. If they have, know the experimental data and result. Listened carefully to the manufacturer's experimental phenomena report and ask them whether they have the ability to produce such machine or not, and whether the processing methods of this type industrial dryer can meet your requirements or not.

Make a survey on the production case of the industrial dryer

At best, industrial dryer manufacturers can provide the same material drying experience or dryer’s successful application cases, which can help to increase the credibility of this device.

Hire a dryer expert to check the dryer.

Although you have done so many surveys, industrial dryer is a highly specialized machine, so non-professional person can not grasp its identification methods in a short time. Therefore, if conditions permit, you’d better to hire a dryer expert to check the dryer for you. Then you can rest assured.

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