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Factors Affect the Efficiency of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Many users may meet some problems when they use the sawdust dryer, such the drying effect can not reach the requirement, the drying efficiency is low, and etc. When you meet these problems, do not rush to get conclusions, and think that the quality of the dryer must be very poor. In fact, except quality issues, there are many other factor that can affect the efficiency of sawdust dryer. I'll do a summary in the following.

1. Environment

Sawdust dryer performs badly in the humid environment. For example, in the south of China, the humidity the winter is only one-third of it in the summer, so it takes more time to dry equivalent materials in the summer than in the winter.

2. Thermal medium

Thermal medium with higher temperature can carry more heat energy, and its ability of water absorption and carrying is stronger. So its drying efficiency is higher. To many sawdust dryer, when other conditions are constant, the dewatering capacity of sawdust dryer is substantially proportional to the temperature change of the heat medium. For this, if the materials permit, you’d better choose a dry with high temperature thermal medium.

3. The size of material

The shapes of wet materials have a big effect on materials drying. Take particulate materials as an example, large materials are hard to dry than smaller materials. And for bulk materials, thin materials are difficult to dry than thick ones. Therefore, if materials allow, you’d better break them up before drying.

To sum up, when you use sawdust dryer, try to avoid its unfavorable factors and make its own performance fully play as possible as you can. Only this can improve its working efficiency.

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