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Structure and Working Principle of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Sawdust dryer is a drying machine. Wet materials can be dried with it though the transport and dispersion of the high-speed hot gas stream. Next I will introduce you  sawdust dryer specifically from two aspects: its structure and working principle.

Structure of sawdust dryer

Sawdust dryer mainly has the following parts: heat furnace, feed inlet, rotating cylinder, filter cartridge, material transport pipe, cooling tube and outlet. However, how do they contact each other? The feed inlet is between the heat furnace and the rotating cylinder. There are many lifting plates in the rotating cylinder, and the cylinder can rotate by the force of motor and reducer. There is a piece of clapboard between the rotating cylinder and the filter cartridge. The other side of the filter cartridge contacts the material transport pipe. And there are stop dogs in the material transport pipe, and holes for discharging slag in the bottom f the pipe. The other side of the material transport pipe contact cooling tube. The other side of the cooling tube contacts the outlet.

Working principle of sawdust dryer

The main part of the sawdust dryer is a slightly inclined rotary drum. Wet materials enter into the rotary drum from its up port, then contact with the hot gas and are dried when they move in the cylinder, and at last they are collected at the out let of the drum. In the process of drying, materials move slowly from the higher end of the drum to the lower end with the force of the rotating drum and their own weight. At the same time, they are thrown by the lifting boards constantly, which can increase the contacting surface between wet materials and hot gas, so that wet materials can be dried fully and quickly.

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